Much of the work and outcomes of what we do for our clients is couched in privately held information. So, unlike others in our space, we don’t publicly display our portfolio. If you would like to know more, case studies are available by request. However, here is a snapshot of what we do.

Through what we do, we have built great relationships with many people who we consider more than clients. Below are a few testimonials outlining how we’ve helped others see.

“KIROS brought in See Seven to lead us through the process of updating our strategic direction and creating communications vehicles for our new direction. They took us to the level of detail of shaping colors, words, pictures, and key messages. Throughout, See Seven remained resolute and focused, providing a universally appreciated result. We highly recommend See Seven.
— Al Erisman | Chairman | KIROS board of directors”

“See Seven was vitally helpful to me in creating our brand identity and mapping out our firm’s strategic priorities. They were invaluable in helping us define who we are as a firm and where we want to be. See Seven spent a significant amount of time working with each stakeholder to translate our goals into  workable initiatives and because of their efforts, we are well positioned for growth in an ever-expanding field of competition.”
— Amy Gratteau | Director of Marketing | Canterbury Consulting

“Our experience with See Seven was life-changing. We reached out hoping to update our brand and in return were rewarded with so much more. Our company’s foundation and infrastructure was infused with vision, setting the stage for immediate growth. We are thrilled with the results.”
— Jeff Mitchell | President | EventForce

“‘Seeing the unseen.’ See Seven lives their brand. They have been instrumental in laying a foundation and designing a culture for our business.

Most importantly, See Seven gives you vision beyond anything imagined.”
— Brent George | CEO | G4 Athlete

“Our company retained the services of  See Seven for rebranding, business and marketing strategy, and for website and social media development. To begin with, we shared with See Seven the nature of the services we provide and our vision for going forward. They were immediately able to understand and explain our potential better than we could see it or explain it ourselves. See Seven has helped us to create our own brand personality. They have helped us to bring our service to a broader market and a much higher level of clientele. Working with See Seven, we have seen solid and measurable results, and I would highly recommend their services.”
— Brian Bate | President/CEO | TEND Home Services, Inc.

“How has the See Seven approach helped Advantage Testing Boston? 

The See Seven team came to our project with a completely open mind, a willingness to listen to our concerns, and a flexibility to adapt their strategic vision to maintain a healthy balance between comfort and effectiveness.

See Seven took exceptional measures to understand the complexities of our business in a way that enabled See Seven to couch innovation at the center of our business process.

From the start, it was very clear that See Seven’s approach leveraged the group’s wisdom and collective expertise to address our concerns in a truly individualized set of strategic recommendations.

The care with which See Seven addressed our project enabled me to move beyond my comfort zone, to consider recommendations that I would have otherwise rejected out of the box, and to implement true innovation that has yielded results beyond what I thought was possible.”
— Daniel Kusik | Director | Advantage Testing Boston

“We were recently engaged by a new client family. When asked to share why they had selected us amidst an array of top firms they had considered, they shared a glowing testimony to the power of a genuine and consistent brand identity. The continuity of the expression of our brand throughout the entirety of the early relationship-building process resulted in the client developing a sense of trust and confidence that resulted from the authenticity, durability, and genuine care they perceived. Our prospective new client felt welcomed, informed, and empowered — they knew that they belonged!

Thanks to the team at See Seven for their work to help us codify our brand and showcase it authentically throughout all our many forms of communication.”
— Ken Hart CFA | CEO | Cornerstone Advisors

“Creative, passionate, professional — Cascade Fellows is grateful for the vision and work of See Seven.”
“From the very start See Seven asked penetrating and important questions about our organization’s mission and vision. They walked with us through the entire process of thinking strategically about our brand, identity, and communication strategy. Their creative and holistic model of marketing and communication have been absolutely integral to the success of our vision.”
— Matthew Kaemingk | Executive Director | Cascade Fellows

“See Seven did a great job consulting with us to develop a more complete understanding of the strategic message we wanted to convey to existing and potential clients. This process brought forth our company brand and identity with a very professional substance. Their planning process also enabled us to build a more strategic approach in our business model to facilitate the growth strategy we desired. The outcome we achieved allows me to highly recommend See Seven for their insightful and professional work.”
— Peter Cline | CEO | Auxano Advisors, LLC

“The team at See Seven helped launch Ampia Vista by melding my business strategy and objectives with their insights on audience needs and brand building. The team went well beyond developing the typical assortment of brand elements and delivered a thoughtfully planned and meticulously crafted customer experience that was on strategy, on time, and on budget. I’ve had a very favorable reaction from my target audience and am delighted with their work.”
— Rod Fowler | Principal | Ampia Vista