What we do doesn’t fit into a neat organizational box.


Because most organizations aren’t neat and organized.

The underlying drivers of an organization differ greatly from company to company. And the process of unearthing an organization’s purpose can take many forms and can lead down different paths.

But harnessing purpose is the key to organizing, unifying, and deploying change. It lays the groundwork for internal culture — rituals, routines, governance, processes, innovations, stories, and symbols — to become unified and productive. Purpose extends outward helping define and improve customer experience and gains in revenue and market share.

Purpose might impact your approach to operations, who you hire — how they are retained, rewarded, nurtured, and empowered.

Purpose might influence your social media strategy and how your customers experience, interact, and promote your business.

Purpose might align your company ethics to drive a better way of designing, developing, and deploying products.

Ultimately, purpose is the collection of internal inputs that drive your team — mission, vision, values, and the stories you tell. Our work helps you understand purpose as your organizational center of gravity and how it drives your external factors. Through this, we hope you can find different ways of seeing and solving business challenges.



Finally, purpose is filtered through design, which shapes everything we do. And we don’t simply mean aesthetics. Design is more than visual — a logo, website, business card, or brochure. It is also about form, function, styling, management, and process — and probably much more.

What we deliver — the “purpose design sequence”

Most everything we do emerges from what we call the “purpose design sequence.” Core (Identity) + Culture + Expression + Experience = Purpose and Performance.

The process starts with figuring out who you are at your core. We help you build your identity from the inside out, mapping it to the culture of your organization. In turn, you can make strategic decisions around your external expression (through logo, type, color all the way to web design and product design). Finally, these elements come together and inform the experience you provide to your customers.

Typically, we begin this process with an identity blueprint. It postures purpose as the driver of change across all of your business activities — defining and informing your sense of culture, driving your business delivery systems, and shaping the experiences you provide to the outside world.

The blueprint provides a set of tools and a roadmap for making people, design, operational, and financial decisions. It intuitively shapes how you look at your internal culture and intentionally guides the experiences you create for your outside audiences — from the moment they become aware of you to your ongoing relationship with them. It even directs strategic priorities, new business initiatives, and how bottom line success is measured.

Even more, an intellectual understanding of organizational purpose needs to translate into the daily habits of work. See Seven also offers a purpose audit to help organizations. The purpose audit develops the necessary framing practices required to embed mission, vision, and values in the organization. Why is it important to bring purpose to life in an organization?


All of these metrics point toward a shared desire of a community to work toward something greater than the individual, something purposeful and bigger than what we can do alone. Making the world a better place through work actually matters to employees and customers.

Unfortunately, the daily operations of an organization offer little space for intentional strategic thought around organizational purpose, internal culture, operational efficiency, and community flourishing. The purpose audit delivers a frame of reference to create consistent link between organizational belief and action.

Ultimately, we deliver our work within the context of change — a problem to solve, an opportunity to be gained, a difference to be achieved — from the conception of an idea all the way to owning and delivering on it.

How can we help you see?