The Challenge

With a reputation as the premier, benchmark tutoring and test preparation organization in the United States and around the world, Advantage Testing provides the necessary skills for students to attain their optimal test scores and gain entry into the most prestigious schools in the country.

The challenge is multiple. The organization needs to better understand what its Boston chapter was all about, how that connected to strategy for the business, how that ultimately is messaged and delivered through the brand to touch the customer experience.

There is a need, then, to develop a robust business plan and audit the cultural elements of the organization to best understand the organization and communicate its value to potential clients through compelling collateral.

Because the service is unique to every client, Advantage Testing Boston does not have easily generalized experiential touchpoints to convey the depth of the value proposition. The opportunity exists in building the customer experience through the brand and through the use of collateral to inspire the hearts and minds of students and families to the benefits of advanced tutoring. The collateral needs to be used as a toolkit to inform and attract new clients.

Ultimately, the goal is to connect the rational and emotional elements of the Advantage Testing brand to create a framework for the Advantage Testing brand that builds customer facing content that connects practice and promise.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeBusiness / build mission, vision, and values, attaching them to a business strategy which worked out through customer experience, visual branding, and experience design. We design and recommend a business strategy to deploy the brand throughout all aspects of the culture and customer experience

SeeIdentity / develop brand framework (mission, vision, values), and brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography) around the core idea of impact for influence — the organization gets to touch a privileged demographic that have an opportunity to create real impact that drives longer term opportunity. They can make an significant stamp on society. The Advantage Testing brand is both practical in terms of helping students maximize test scores, but there’s also a bigger opportunity at hand to walk alongside and create context for students to think about their longer term influence

SeeCulture / audit the business seeking to understanding the qualitative elements of the brand were connected in a quantitative way to the organization and plan services to best practice what’s being promised across all areas of culture in the business

SeeExperience / develop a customer experience design framework that will enable the brand to be accurately conveyed with the most impact across all points of the client experience

SeeChange / work closely with the client to install change management that helps transition the team into a place where they can best implement brand in their work

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“How has the See Seven approach helped Advantage Testing Boston? 

The See Seven team came to our project with a completely open mind, a willingness to listen to our concerns, and a flexibility to adapt their strategic vision to maintain a healthy balance between comfort and effectiveness.

See Seven took exceptional measures to understand the complexities of our business in a way that enabled See Seven to couch innovation at the center of our business process.

From the start, it was very clear that See Seven’s approach leveraged the group’s wisdom and collective expertise to address our concerns in a truly individualized set of strategic recommendations.

The care with which See Seven addressed our project enabled me to move beyond my comfort zone, to consider recommendations that I would have otherwise rejected out of the box, and to implement true innovation that has yielded results beyond what I thought was possible.”

— Daniel Kusik | Director | Advantage Testing Boston