The Challenge

Canterbury is a consulting firm dedicated to providing investment advice to institutional clients and high net worth individuals.

There is an opportunity for Canterbury to strengthen internal brand and culture. It’s clear that the company values thoughtfulness (intellectual and interpersonal/caring thoughtfulness). There is the potential to build out identity around the notion of “thought counts.”

The approach aims to use brand to establish a business plan and strategic initiatives to conduct an organizational change exercise. There is an opportunity to build a 5-year plan through the brand of “thought counts” to establish how to operationalize “thought counts” across every aspect of the business from team development to thinking about new products and services and how these were messaged and delivered. Then there is an opportunity to develop 5 core strategic priorities and dedicate 5 core teams within the organization to implement the strategy.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeBusiness / leverage brand development to diagnose and implement 5 key strategic priorities over a 5 year period. Exercise provides opportunity for the organization to think about the business and how to harness the brand in a way that touches how the business is organized, how it collaborates, how it improves its culture, and deploys its business offerings in new and innovative ways

SeeIdentity / develop brand framework (mission, vision, values) based on the idea that “Thought Counts” all in conjunction with the team

SeeExpression / create a brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography) connecting the the core identity of “Thought Counts”

SeeChange / work closely with Canterbury teams to deploy a change management program that assists the company in operationalizing and executing its strategic priorities

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“See Seven was vitally helpful to me in creating our brand identity and mapping out our firm’s strategic priorities. They were invaluable in helping us define who we are as a firm and where we want to be.

 See Seven spent a significant amount of time working with each stakeholder to translate our goals into  workable initiatives and because of their efforts, we are well positioned for growth in an ever-expanding field of competition.”

— Amy Gratteau | Director of Marketing | Canterbury Consulting