The Challenge

A wealth management company going through a leadership transition, Cornerstone needed a fresh sense of perspective of core identity, purpose, and an own-able position to steer the future.

There was an opportunity to create a platform for new leadership to lead by example and steer the business through its next phase by using the brand as an anchor mechanism to review culture and how it acts as a foundation to deliver authentic customer experience along every touch point.

There was also an opportunity to create new internal structures and a unique level of personal ownership of the brand through harnessing the name, connecting it to the growth metaphors around the name, and telling a story around the 3 key areas of the company’s model, “context,” “clarity,” and “care.”

To engage this challenge, there was a need to create brand strategy and business innovation around new offerings through significant internal and external brand research and analysis, including building out brand essence, mission, vision, values, personality, and messaging to support new leadership, future product offerings, new internal structure, a new level of personal ownership, a new client engagement model, new processes, new methods for attracting and retaining the right kind of people, and a new technology platform.

The Solution

SeeBusiness seek to understand the role of business in driving the brand in order to help the business go through its leadership transition

SeeIdentity / create a brand blueprint including mission, vision, values, personality, and messaging around the idea of build beyond and how that applied through context, clarity, and care

SeeExperience / design a customer experience that maps internal brand essence and culture to external client experience and create a messaging framework aligned with the brand blueprint to be deployed across the entire client experience

SeeCulture / internalize values, creating a single voice with value proposition personalization to create a personal story for elevator speeches — including an internal “build brand” team to champion brand design and delivery

SeeChange / create a review process as part of the research to understand the perception of the brand at the beginning of the process and at the end of the process to best  understand how the brand could be a part of bringing about product and service design

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“We were recently engaged by a new client family. When asked to share why they had selected us amidst an array of top firms they had considered, they shared a glowing testimony to the power of a genuine and consistent brand identity. The continuity of the expression of our brand throughout the entirety of the early relationship-building process resulted in the client developing a sense of trust and confidence that resulted from the authenticity, durability, and genuine care they perceived.

Our prospective new client felt welcomed, informed, and empowered — they knew that they belonged!

Thanks to the team at See Seven for their work to help us codify our brand and showcase it authentically throughout all our many forms of communication.”
— Ken Hart CFA | CEO | Cornerstone Advisors