The Challenge

Delta Dental of Washington is an dental insurance agency focused on revolutionizing the oral health industry and improving overall health. The organization has a vision for a world in which all people can enjoy good oral and overall health. In order to accomplish this goal, Delta Dental of Washington disrupts, transforms, and revolutionizes the oral health industry in order to remove barriers to health care and improve overall health.

The organization has an opportunity to consider the strategic purposes of its external collateral pieces, establishing guidelines for the creation of documents in a consistent fashion. The organization also considers its internal identity and culture as it shifts its vision, mission, and values for the next stages of its growth.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeIdentity / Development of an internal identity around vision, mission, and values. Key idea represent with the word mark, “Be Bold.” Internal hierarchy of concepts progresses from Be Bold to cover internal strategies including “Be You” for performance reviews, “Be Cause” for its foundation, and “Be About” for long-term strategies. This work culminates in development of visual pieces for company-wide launch at a summit. Further work around the consolidation of the DDWA brand including rules & guidelines for collateral

SeeCulture / Strategic partnership to establish cultural adoption of internal identity, working through language and strategies for engaging employees

SeeExperience / Rationalization of branded touchpoints for internal identity from moment of awareness to moment of adoption/advocacy. Further work focused on imagining and expanding the customer relationship with DDWA through experiential diagrammatic approaches

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