The Challenge

EventForce is an event staffing agency that cares not only about the event, but the future of their staff.

There is an opportunity to develop a brand strategy and discover a unifying presence within the company, a rallying point upon which to build culture, strategic offerings, and a full-scale brand framework.

In support of this work, there is an opportunity to create branded assets including the development of a logo, color palette, and typography which will extend to web design, business cards, and company uniforms.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeBusiness / look at how the brand maps to future changes in the overall business strategy including potential growth and bringing new products online

SeeIdentity / develop brand framework (mission, vision, values) in partnership with the EventForce team to build authentic identity and an anchoring point around personal ownership around the idea of servant empowerment

SeeExpression / with the visual aesthetic feeling a little dated, create a fresh brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography) and extend it to web design, business papers, and company garments

SeeCulture / personalize brand, creating culture around the brand and extending it through personalized elevator speeches

SeeChange / help the client think about how they will operationalize the brand, quantifying the quality of the many elements of the brand such as using core values to drive more efficient practices and using messaging to create a new story with new clients and to reposition themselves with existing clients

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“Our experience with See Seven was life-changing. We reached out hoping to update our brand and in return were rewarded with so much more. 

Our company’s foundation and infrastructure was infused with vision, setting the stage for immediate growth. We are thrilled with the results.”

— Jeff Mitchell | President | EventForce