The Challenge

Gibraltar Ventures is a startup venture capital group and innovation lab connected to Prudential Financial. The company explores, develops, and invests in new strategies to help others pursue behavioral finance, financial technologies, and the future of transactions and engagement.

Gibraltar Ventures possesses a balanced approach to venture capital, blending innovation with rootedness. The company has a need in defining this strategic approach at a core cultural level as well as advancing these ideas through external identity.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeIdentity / Help the organization discover the core elements of identity consisting of anchored ambition. The Rock of Gibraltar plays a critical role in the Prudential family and it represents the last point of contact with the known world in ancient times. Gibraltar Ventures encourages people to explore beyond that point. The visual expression created (logo, type, color palette, and branded applications) of this identity follows from this foundation

SeeCulture / Team workshops conducted to introduce the core identity of anchored ambition and what it means for team members in their daily work

SeeSocial / Creation and management of web portal for the organization, including assistance on analytics

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