The Challenge

KIROS is a group of Christians in business who started this non-profit with a goal of connecting like-minded people in the Seattle area.

The group wanted to sharpen its focus away from networking and toward supporting each other in the understanding and practice of what it means to connect work and faith.

KIROS wanted to develop its brand around the helping Christians in business to grow through rooted in relationships in Christ and with each, other leading to community impact.

As a part of this change, KIROS wanted to refocus its strategy, values, and visual representation.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeIdentity / develop a consistent brand strategy and framework (mission, vision, values) that reframes the organization and changes the discussion from networking to rooted relationships delivered as an identity document

SeeExpression / create brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography) and produce design applications for web, brochure, and business cards

SeeChange / work with the client to install the new brand and bring board members on the same page in order to properly implement the brand strategy in the event experience for all three chapters

Web version -2-7
Web version -2-3
Web version -2-4
Web version -2-2
Web version -2-6
Web version -2-1


“KIROS brought in See Seven to lead us through the process of updating our strategic direction and creating communications vehicles for our new direction. They took us to the level of detail of shaping colors, words, pictures, and key messages.

Throughout, See Seven remained resolute and focused, providing a universally appreciated result. We highly recommend See Seven.

— Al Erisman | Chairman | KIROS board of directors