The Challenge

A construction company finished a significant remodel of a home. The client, happy with the work, mentioned some anxiety about how to take care of the home. From this question, an opportunity to create a new business model formed.

Building a business plan around this model leverages core competencies to meet a wide variety of maintenance needs for clients well after the construction has stopped. TEND knows home maintenance and can take care of the details so the client feels “at home.”

To accomplish this approach, we need to help create brand strategy and business innovation around new offerings. The company required a fresh start and a new name that connected to the business objectives to encourage prospective customers around the value of recurring home maintenance. Your home is like your body — a living, breathing organism. If you take care of yourself frequently, shouldn’t you do the same with your home?

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeBusiness build a business model and plan, creating a brand name and building the whole business proposition to provide unique service offerings that meet the needs of clients in need of home maintenance. Assistance in developing a retail and wholesale model to deploy the model to different distribution outlets to expand TEND’s client base

SeeIdentity / build a fully integrated brand identity system around the concept of the craftsmanship of care that reflects the aspirations of the business. The home is a living, breathing entity that needs care just like every other living thing. The brand name, brand framework (mission, vision, values), and brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography) reflect TEND’s core business strategies

SeeExpression / translate brand strategy into tangible brand assets (business papers, printed brand collateral, proposal documents, and marketing materials, etc.)

SeeExperience / create a customer experience map that shows how internal back-office operations support customer experience across the entire lifecycle

SeeChange / work closely with the client to help transition the team into new, innovative places, helping them develop new product offerings and gain access to new markets

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“Our company retained the services of  See Seven for rebranding, business and marketing strategy, and for website and social media development. To begin with, we shared with See Seven the nature of the services we provide and our vision for going forward. They were immediately able to understand and explain our potential better than we could see it or explain it ourselves.

 See Seven has helped us to create our own brand personality. They have helped us to bring our service to a broader market and a much higher level of clientele. Working with See Seven, we have seen solid and measurable results, and I would highly recommend their services.”

— Brian Bate | General Manager | TEND Home Services, Inc.