The Challenge

Faithlife is the largest developer of Bible study software and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing. Formerly known as Logos Bible Software, Faithlife recently engaged in a name transition to encompass a variety of sub-brands, bringing everything under the umbrella of Faithlife.

With the name change, the Faithlife team faces internal and external challenges around the corporate story and how to best communicate and live the ethos of Faithlife. There is an opportunity to map out the Faithlife identity and culture to address the organization’s brand architecture and to live the Faithlife story internally.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeBusiness Extensive research and recommendations on brand architecture, concluding that Faithlife becomes the core component of the brand rather than the umbrella, becoming a descriptor underneath each separate brand

SeeIdentity / Co-creation of the Faithlife mission and vision and considerations for the Faithlife values, all grounded behind the principle of “Grow in the Light”

SeeCulture / Processing and mapping identity to the daily activities of Faithlife team members to live the brand in their daily activities. Create a brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography) connecting the the core identity of “Thought Counts”

SeeChange / Executive partnership wrestling with the core components of the Faithlife identity and the managerial practices surrounding the execution of the brand

Faithlife logo
Faithlife vision
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