The Challenge

G4 Athlete is a sports science and physical therapy clinic. Having worked with elite athletes for over 20 years, the goal of the clinic has been to design a holistic approach (functional fitness, sports biomechanics, nutrition, mental edge) once only available to the pros, and make accessible to every day athletes.

There is a need for full-scale assistance in building the business off the ground including, writing a business plan, raising finances to start the business, full brand blueprint and visual expression, scouting and consultation on best possible location, interior design of space to best convey customer experience connected to brand, and assistance in developing strategic alliances.

The Solution

SeeBusiness write a business plan to secure funding, draft business model, organize workspace

SeeIdentity / develop identity framework (mission, vision, values), brand aesthetic (logo, color palette, image strategy, typography), and consolidate them into an identity blueprint (a brand guidelines booklet)

SeeSocial / prepare social media campaign to tell branded story through social channels, execute an editorial calendar to publish engaging content positioning G4 as a thought leader, run analysis on KPIs

SeeCulture / team workshops, value mapping across, process development

SeeChange / mentoring, training, change management to prepare for leadership of an employee team

image strategy-2
logo lockup-2



“‘Seeing the unseen.’ See Seven lives their brand. They have been instrumental in laying a foundation and designing a culture for our business.

Most importantly, See Seven gives you vision beyond anything imagined.”

— Brent George | CEO | G4 Athlete