Genius hits a target no one else can see

Genius hits a target no one else can see

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

Premise #1

We as humans are a creative people. While the depth of creativity might vary from person to person, we all have ideas.

Let’s add another premise.

Each of us holds inherent capabilities. While some might possess talent in artistic expression, others provide strategic and rational talents.

When we use these talents creatively on the ideas we conjure, things happen, whether in a business setting where goods and services are created, or in a personal setting with art or other hobbies.

These inherent capabilities allow us in a business setting to make goods and services that matter and to do it well.

But is that enough?

As the great phenomenological philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer suggests, there’s a greater target to which we can aspire.

Leveraging our inherent capabilities, what is out there beyond the standard work we’ve always done?

The most frequent example we hear along these lines surrounds Apple and Steve Jobs. This “visionary” concept occurs because Jobs saw a need beyond what his customers knew they even wanted. When the iPhone launched, many people knew it was a cool idea, but they could not see how groundbreaking it would be in changing the entire view and structure of handheld devices.

I think to my own views on the subject. Previously to the iPhone when mobile phones began adding cameras, I scoffed at such an idea. Why would I want a camera on my phone? My phone is for telephone calls and nothing else!

Genius, then, is the ability to see what no one else has seen and to use your inherent talents to build that new and better world.

The Bottom Line
  • What are your core competencies and talents? What can your organization do better than most? In what ways can you take that basic idea and innovate it to a new and unique place?
  • What kind of world do you want to see? How could you get there?
  • Be ok with failure. It might take a few ideas to find the genius one.


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