Culture matters.

Because people in businesses spend a lot of time together — at least 40 hours a week, or more — it stands to reason that culture is pretty important. Your relationships and the way things get done at work have meaning and really matter, both to you and the health of the business.

If your brand is at the core of your company’s belief system, culture is the framework through which the spirit, soul, and essence of your brand is lived and expressed. Culture can be a bit difficult to get a handle on, but at the end of the day, it impacts and touches just about everything your business stands for — your business structure, governance and decision making, hiring policies, processes, control systems, your approach to developing and delivering new and exciting things to market, your company’s history and the stories you tell to your co-workers, the symbols you create, and so much more.

Culture is not just emotional and irrational; it’s rational and pragmatic.

See Seven provides a brand-centered, innovation-driven approach to culture that gives a framework for changing the way your business thinks, behaves, and performs.



Our SeeCulture services include:
  • Culture audit and analysis
  • Culture map design
  • Core conviction and values formulation
  • “Living-the-brand” training
  • Culture team and personal touch cards
  • Elevator speeches

See Seven creates a vision toward a healthy and collective culture for your business to flourish.