Brand expression is your strategy made sensory.

The products and services you offer represent your core, mission, vision, values, and messaging; they also reflect the sensory side of your business and your brand, in other words your brand expression. What we all see, smell, hear, and touch matters. They should be unified with your overall brand strategy. The emotional design component of your identity should be unified with the rational pragmatic side of your business. Together, your business connects with your employees and customers at all levels.

Expression is the fusion of the emotional and the rational. What people feel about your products or services significantly impacts the nuts-and-bolts of their purchasing decisions and longer-term loyalty. Expression management is the art and science of creating brand tools that will translate into valuable business assets that show up on your balance sheet.

See Seven enables you integrate all the elements of design into your business. We work with you to create aesthetically compelling assets and develop branded themes that reflect business strategy.

Our SeeExpression services include:
  • Expression management — identity toolkit development
  • Expression style and theme strategy
  • Logo marks and styles
  • Web sites and digital media
  • Print collaterals
  • Video
  • Packaging
  • Environmental and interior design

See Seven manages your expression strategy in concert with your business planning.