Identity sits at the center of your business and innovation activity.

It ignites your internal operations and fuels external communications.

It is the essence of who you are. It is your mission on the wall. It is the vision you have for the future. It is the core convictions that define your culture. It is your collective personality. It is your tag line. In short, it drives your attitude and approach to innovation.

And yes, identity is also your logo, color, and typography. It is the music you play while a customer is on hold. It is the kind of soap you put in your bathroom.

Brand identity is rational and emotional.

See Seven works with you to build an identity from the ground up, connecting the dots through innovation throughout your business.

Our SeeIdentity services include:
  • Identity blueprinting — identity, messaging, and aesthetics design
  • Brand audit and research
  • Strategic identity analysis
  • Brand naming, signatures, tag lines, and architecture
  • Brand missioning
  • Brand visioning

At See Seven, we help you see your identity in a new light.