The way you serve and socialize with your customers is everything.

Our experiences of products and services are the difference between an avid promoter and a harmful detractor. While 80% of companies believe they provide exceptional customer service, only 8% of customers agree. Over 80% of consumers trust word-of-mouth referral over any other source, 9 times more effective than any other marketing approach. Through authentic communication and relationship building with your customers — in print, online, in person, in everything — and a consistent follow through with your actions, customer advocacy builds.

One really valuable way to support, engage, and serve your customers is through the online space. Social media offers an opportunity for real 2-way conversation between you and your customers. It provides you with a platform to live your brand in real and tangible ways. What’s more, your consistent online presence cultivates more business.

Whether on the phone, answering an email, engaging in the social space, or implementing systems oriented toward practicing what your promise, service is the avenue to real relationships with your customers.

Brand and innovation mean very little without a clear link to service. What you do should reflect what you say.

See Seven helps design social strategies to connect you with your customers, wherever they are.

Our SeeSocial services include:
  • Social media strategy — customer acquisition and retention
  • Customer experience design
  • Service blueprinting and design
  • Customer analysis
  • Custom metrics to measure NPS
  • Customer engagement strategy
  • Customer/brand integration
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Customer relationship development and support

See Seven bridges the gap between your business, your brand, innovation, and the social space.