The Challenge

Upper House is a multi-experiential ministry center located on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. Upper House serves a variety of audiences in the Madison community including students, faculty/staff, church leaders, and marketplace professionals. Upper House offers its own curated events throughout the year. The location has open study hours from 9-5 on the weekdays. It provides meeting rooms for other campus groups and churches to use.

Created by the Stephen & Laurel Brown Foundation during 2015, Upper House desires to bring further focus to its story, both through internal strategic positioning and external messaging. Their present opportunity is to bring clarity to the Upper House purpose so it can consistently tell its message, create a robust framework for its programming, and offer clear guidelines for external group use.

The Solution

Services Deployed //

SeeIdentity / Development of an internal identity around mission, vision, and values. “Curation” represents the big idea. Much like a museum curator cares for and carefully selects the experiences of a museum, Upper House curates experiences of Christian thinking, being, and doing. This core concept requires a small shift in the Upper House visual identity. The original logo depicted a divider between “Upper” and “House,” but the mission, vision, and values of the organization convey hospitality, connectedness, and inclusion rather than division. For this reason, we shifted the line up on the wordmark to convey an openness of the organization and included an image strategy with a line treatment to represent the experiences of thinking, being, and doing that unfold at Upper House

SeeBusiness / Development and implementation of a purpose design blueprint to assist Upper House in thinking through its strategic priorities including board practices and daily operations

SeeSocial / Assistance on a content strategy for the organization, management of an editorial calendar, and daily social media activities

SeeCulture / Employee training around the application of mission, vision, and values across all elements of the organization and all daily activities

SeeExperience / The mapping of values to external customer experience to quantify quality. (e.g., how the Upper House value of hospitality creates awareness, access, and growth by making visitors feel valued)

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